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Ancient Egyptian Gods
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NeithNeith (Nit, Neit, Net)

Great Goddess

Symbols: bows and arrows, shields and weapons, Red Crown, weaving shuttle

Depiction: Depictions of Neith from Upper Egypt showed her as a woman with the head of a lioness. Other depictions showed her as a woman holding a specter or two arrows and a bow wearing the Double Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. At times, depictions of Neith showed her crowned with a weaving shuttle. She was often shown suckling her son Sobek in the form of a crocodile.

Mythology: The goddess of war and weaving, Neith was one of the oldest Egyptian gods. Neith was considered both male and female in nature and was self-created. Originally worshipped and honored throughout Egypt as the goddess of war, her role evolved over time to the goddess of weaving. Neith was said to be the mother of Sobek and Re. According to myth, it was Neith who offered the solution to the dispute between Seth and Horus over who should succeed Osiris as the king of Egypt. Neith suggested that Horus take the throne and, as consolation, Seth take two Semitic goddesses. Neith’s wisdom prevailed with all of the gods agreeing to the arrangement, except Seth. The largest temple to Neith, called Sapi-meht, was located in the capital of the fifth nome of Lower Egypt, Sais. At Sais, the ram-headed creation god Khnemu was her husband and her son was Tutu, a form of the god Shu.

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