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Ancient Egyptian Gods
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Taurt (Taweret, Taurtet, Taueret, Thoeris)

The great lady

Depiction: This pre-dynastic goddess was depicted as a pregnant female hippopotamus with large breasts, the tail of a crocodile, and the hind legs of a lioness. Depictions of Taurt showed her standing on her hind legs holding the ankh and leaning on the symbol of protection. Taurt wore the solar disk and the horns of a cow on her head.

Mythology: As a domestic deity, Taurt’s primary role was to protect pregnant women. She assisted the gods Bes and Hatshepsut at childbirths. This role was appropriate for a mother goddess who was said to help in the daily birth of the sun. According to myth, she was called the “Eye of Re” and the mother of Osiris and Isis. But Taurt was not always considered a benevolent goddess since she allegedly was the concubine of Seth. Taurt redeemed herself by siding with Horus during the dispute between Horus and Seth over who was to succeed Osiris as the king of Egypt.


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