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Ancient Greek Gods


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The names of gods and goddesses are often accompanied by a finite number of traditional epithets that describe the personality or associations of the divinity. Below is a list of epithets associated with Aphrodite.

Students should investigate for the epitaphs for Aphrodite and then check their findings against this chart. Additions should be made to the chart as necessary.

Epithet Text
Laughter Loving Homer, Iliad & Odyssey
Rich in Gold Homer, Iliad & Odyssey
Golden Homer, Iliad & Odyssey; Aristotle, Rhetoric 1413a
Fair Homer, Iliad & Odyssey
Dark-Eyed Pindar, Pythian Ode 6
Silver Footed Pindar, Pythian Ode 9
Deceptive Bacchylides, Ode 17 line 115
Garland-loving Homeric Hymn 2, line 103
Rich-crowned Homeric Hymn 5, line 287

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