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As one of the twelve main gods, Athena’s relatives and offspring appear in many main stream and well-known myths. Since Athena was a virgin goddess, the number of children represented by the chart is one. Below are the beginnings of a chart of Athena’s family, including her child by a god. Students should fill in the blanks to complete the chart. They can then use this chart to complete the next assignment of creating a family tree for the god.

At the bottom of the chart is a list of vases and sculpture depicting the birth of Athena.

Family Member
Zeus Father Apollodorus 1.3.6.
Metis Mother Hesiod Theog. 929
Erichthonius by Hephaestus Son/Daughter Apollodorus 2.89.
Cronos Grandfather Hesiod Theog. 458
Rhea Grandmother Apollodorus 1.7
Demeter Aunt
Poseidon Uncle
Hermes Brother
Aphrodite Sister Apollodorus 1.3.1

The Birth of Athena

Boston 00.330, Berlin F 1704, Florence 4209, London B 424, London E 410, Louvre CA 616, Philadelphia MS3440, Philadelphia MS3441.

Family Tree

Using the information from the Encyclopedia entry for Athena or from the above chart, student should create a family tree for Athena like the one below. Notice that separate trees may need to be created to include all the relevant family members. Student should devise their own symbols that denote: relation, unknown parentage, sex, etc.

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