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Latin Mottoes of U.S. Colleges and Universities

Universities & Latin Mottoes 10

Southwestern College

Winfield, KS

Lux Esto Let There Be Light
Southwest Missouri State University

Springfield, MO

Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto Let the Safety of the People Be the Supreme Law
Southwestern University

Georgetown, TX

Non Quis Sed Quid Not Who, But What
Springfield College in Illinois

Springfield, IL

Soli Deo Gloria To God Alone Glory
Spring Hill College

Mobile, AL

In Colle Exaltus Fons Sapientiae He Who Was Lifted Up On the Hill Is The Font of Wisdom
State Univ. of New York at Albany

Albany, NY

Sapientia et Sua et Docendi Causa Wisdom Both His/Her Own And the Cause of/Reason for Teaching
State University of New York at Binghampton

Binghampton, NY

Unitas Identitas Excellentia Unity, Identity, Excellence
Stephens College

Columbia, MO

Deo et Veritati For God and For the Truth
Stetson University

DeLand, FL

Pro Deo et Veritate God and Truth
Stevens Institute of Technology

Hoboken, NJ

Per Aspera ad Astra Through Difficulties To the Stars
Stillman College

Tuscaloosa, AL

Lux Lucet In Tenebris The Light Shines in the Darkness
Stonehill College

North Easton, MA

Lux et Spes Light and Hope
Suffolk University

Boston, MA

Honestas et Diligentia Honesty and Diligence
Susquehanna University

Selinsgrove, PA

Ad Maiorem Gloriam Dei For the Greater Glory of God
Sweet Briar College

Sweet Briar, VA

Rosam Quae Meruit Ferat Those Who Wear the Sweet Briar Rose Must Be Worthy Of It
Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY

Suos Cultores Scientia Coronat Knowledge Crowns Their Cultivators /Supporters /Inhabitants
Talladega College

Talladega, AL

Pro Christo et Humanitate For Christ and For Humanity
Tarkio College

Tarkio, MO

Sit Lux Let There Be Light
Taylor University

Upland, IN

Lux et Fides Light and Faith
Temple University

Philadelphia, PA

Perseverantia Vincit Perseverance Conquers
Tennessee Wesleyan College

Athens, TN

Lux Et Veritas Light and Truth
Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, TX

Disciplina Est Facultas Learning is an Opportunity
Texas College

Tyler, TX

Per Lumen Scientiae Viam Invenient Populi Through the Light of Knowledge the People Will Find a Way
Texas Wesleyan College

Fort Worth, TX

Scientia Pietasque Vitalis Knowledge and Piety
Texas Woman's University

Denton, TX

Scientia Lumen Vitae Knowledge Brings Light to Life
Thiel College

Greenville, PA

Lux Mundi Verbum Dei Light of the World, Word of God
Thomas College

Waterville, ME

Honestas Optima Politia Honestly is the Best Policy
Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Lansing, MI

In Corde Hominum Est Anima Legis In the Heart of Men is the Soul/Life of the Law
Tift College

Forsyth, GA

Sigillum Tift Collegii
Towson State University

Towson, MD

Crescite et Multiplicamini Increase and Multiply
Transylvania University

Lexington, KY

In Lumine Illo Tradimus Lumen In That Light, We Pass On the Light
Trevecca Nazarene College

Nashville, TN

Esse Quam Videri To Be Rather Than to Seem
Trinity Christian College

Palos Heights, IL

Unum Deum In Tres Laudamus Te One God in Three, We Praise Thee
Trinity College

Hartford, CT

Pro Ecclesia Et Patria For Church and Country
Trinity College

Washington, DC

Scientia Ancille Fidei Knowledge Is the Handmaid of Faith
Trinity College

Burlington, VT

Deus Pater Filius Sanctus Spiritus God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Trinity University

San Antonio, TX

E Tribus Unum From Three, One
Tufts University

Medford, MA

Pax Et Lux Peace And Light
Tulane University

New Orleans, LA

Non Sibi Sed Suis Not For Oneself But For One's Own
Tusculum College

Greeneville, TN

Sit Lux Let There Be Light
Tuskegee Institute

Tuskegee Institute, AL

Scientia Principatus Opera Knowledge, Principate, Deeds
Union College

Barbourville, KY

Pro Deo Et Homine For God and For the Human Race
United States Coast Guard Academy

New London, CT

Scientiae Cedit Mare The Sea Yields To Knowledge
United States Merchant Marine Academy

Kings Point, NY

Acta Non Verba Acts Not Words
United States Naval Academy

Annapolis, MD

Ex Scientia Tridens From Knowledge, Sea Power
University of Akron

Akron, OH

Fiat Lux Let There Be Light
University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Fairbanks, AK

Ad Summam To the Highest/The Summit
University of Albuquerque

Albuquerque, NM

Pro Deo et Patria For God and For Country
University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ

Sursum Above
University of Arkansas

Little Rock, AR

Cultus Veritas Scientia Culture, Truth, Knowledge


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