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More Latin Mottoes & Phrases
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Latin Phrases & Abbreviations

A.B. (Artium Baccalaureus) Bachelor of Arts
A.C. (ante Christum) before Christ
A.D. (anno domini) in the year of the Lord
ad inf., ad infin. (ad infinitum) to infinity
ad int. (ad interim) in the meantime
ad fin. (ad finem) near the end [of the page]
ad loc. (ad locum) to the place
ad val. (ad valorem) according to the value
ae., aet., aetat. (aetatis) of age, aged
Ag (argentum) silver
A.M. (anno mundi) in the year of the world
A.M. (ante meridiem) before midday
A.M. (ante mortem) before death
A.M. (Artium Magister) Master of Arts
A.R. (anno regni) in the year of the reign
a.u.c. (ab urbe condita, anno urbis conditae) from the founding of the city
B.A. (Baccalaureus Artium) Bachelor of Arts
B.D. (Baccalaureus Divinitatis) Bachelor of Divinity
B.L. (Baccalaureus Legum) Bachelor of Law
B.Lit. (Baccalaureus Lit[t]erarum) Bachelor of Literature (or Letters)
B.M. (Baccalaureus Medicinae) Bachelor of Medicine
B.Mus. (Baccalaureus Musicae) Bachelor of Music
B.Phil. (Baccalaureus Philosophiae) Bachelor of Philosophy
B.S., B.Sc. (Baccalaureus Scientiae) Bachelor of Science
c. (cum) with
ca., cir., circ. (circa) about
cf. (confer) compare
D.D. (Divinitatis Doctor) Doctor of Divinity
D.G. (Dei Gratia) By the grace of God
D.Lit. (Doctor Litterarum) Doctor of Literature
D.M. (Doctor Medicinae) Doctor of Medicine
d.s.p. (decessit sine prole) Died without issue
D.V. (Deo volente) God willing
e.g. (exempli gratia) for [the sake of an] example
et al. (et alii, et alia) and others
etc. (et cetera) and the rest, and so forth
et seq. (et sequens, et sequentes, et sequentia) and the following
ff. (foliis) on the [following] pages
hab. corp. (habeas corpus) you may have the body
H.J.S. (hic iacet sepultus) here lies buried
H.R.I.P. (hic requiescit in pace) here rests in peace
ib., ibid. (ibidem) in the same place
id. (idem) the same
i.e. (id est) that is
in loc. (in loco) in the place
J.C.D. (Iuris Civilis Doctor) Doctor of Civil Law
J.D. (Iuris Doctor) Doctor of Law
J.U.D. (Iuris Ultriusque Doctor) Doctor of both Civil and Canon Law
lb. (libra) pound
l.c., loc. cit. (loco citato) in the place cited
LL. D. (Legum Doctor) Doctor of Laws
loq. (loquitur) he (she, it) speaks
m.(meridies) midday
M.A. (Magister Artium) Master of Arts
M.D. (Medicinae Doctor) Doctor of Medicine
M.O. (modus operandi) method of operating
N.B. (Nota bene) Note well
no. (numero) by number
non obst. (non obstante) notwithstanding
non seq. (non sequitur) it does not follow
N.P. (nisi prisus) no protest
n.r. (non repetatur) do not repeat
ob. (obiit) he died
op. cit. (opere citato) in the work cited
p.d. (per diem) by the day
per an. (per annum) by the year
per cent. (per centum) per hundred
Ph. D. (Philosophiae Doctor) Doctor of Philosophy
P.M. (post meridiem) after midday
p.r.n. (pro re nata) as the need arises
pro tem. (pro tempore) for the time, temporarily
prox. (proximo mense) next month
P.S. (post scriptum) written after
Q. (quasi) as it were, almost
q.d. (quaque die) every day
R. (regina, rex) Queen, King
R.I.P. (Requiescat in pace) May he rest in peace
Rx. (recipe) take
S.C. (Senatus Consultum) decree of the Senate
S.C.U. (Senatus Consultum Ultimum) final decree of the Senate (martial law)
s.d. (sine die) without [appointing] a day
seq., seqq. (sequentia) following
s.i.d. (semel in die) once a day
s.p. (sine prole) without issue
S.P.Q.R. (Senatus Populusque Romanus) The Senate and the Roman People
stat. (statim) immediately
s.v. (sub vero) under the word
tal. (talis) of such
U.D. (ut dictum) as directed
ult. (ultimo mense) last month
vox pop. (vox populi) voice of the people
vs. (versus) against
v.s. (vide super) see above


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