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Early Man

WWW Resources

Prehistoric Aberdeen & Grampian
Archaeological sites in the Grampian region of Scotland

Human Prehistory
An exhibition which also contains a list of related web sites

Petroglyph Pullout
Capitol Reef National Park

Painted Cave
Palaeolithic Painted Cave at Vallon-Pont-d'Arc

Cave at Lascaux
Official Cave Site

Art History
Art History: Prehistoric Art

Applied Artifact Quiz
Identify artifact online

Mothers of Time
Seven Palaeolithic Figurines

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Petroglyph National Monument

Rock Art Net

America's Stonehenge

The Life and Times of Early Man
Great resources for students and teachers

Flints and Stones: Real Life in Pre History


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Inside Connection

Complementary Resources

CTCWeb Resources


Ancient Egypt

Ancient China

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome


Ancient Africa

Middle Ages

Knowledge Builders
Ancient Greek Animals, Music & Dance and more.

Teachers' Companions
Ancient Greek Animals, Music & Dance and more.

Other Resources
Canadian Museum of Civilization

The Life and Times of Early Man

Petroglyph Pullout

Global Glossary Terms
- Alexander the Great
- Caesar
- Ptolemy
- Caligula
- Cleopatra
- Medea

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