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Mesopotamia - Artifacts by Lauren and Nicole

Clay tablet with cylinder seal on bottom

The cylinder seal was hand-made out of clay. It was used as a signature. While the clay is still wet you draw pictures that would represent you on your own cyliner seal. If a document was yours, you would roll your cylinder seal across the bottom to show it was your own.

Our code has two laws. the first is Thou who kills shall be killed The second is Thou who steals shall pay ten times the amount.
A code is a set of laws. The laws were very important in their life becuse it told them their consequences and what you could an could not do. Hammurabi made a code of 282 laws and consequences which we believe led to being civilized or to have consequences for your actions.


If you can view QTVR, please examine our cylinder seal. Click on the image to view the cylinder seal.

A bulla is a football shaped clay container used as a record keeping source. It was sealed when clay was still wet. This way nobody could see, change, or remove what tokens were inside. Soon people began to make marks in the bulla. Historians believe this led to the invention of writing.


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