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Mesopotamia - Artifacts by Sara, Amber, and Michael

Our City-State Laws

If a person should lie to their parents he or she shall get their tongue cut off.
If a person shall beat or steal from another, they will get their hand cut off.
The laws applied to everyone including children. These were the first recorded laws of government in history.

Cylinder Seals

Cylinder seals were used for different things like, showing ownership, name and record of agreement. How it works is by taking the seal and rolling it in wet clay. They were probably the first stamps. The result came out as a raised nice picture. This was the beginning of cuneiform writing. It was important for communication and signatures at the bottom of tablets.

Bulla and Tokens

The bulla and tokens were used for keeping track of business deals. This could have led to the first writing system. In order to help keep track of the records, they used small stone or clay tokens and each token was a different size or shape which stood for different projects. They put them into a football shape or round container called a bulla.

Mesopotamia means "land between two rivers." The rivers are called the Tigris and Euphrates. Mesopotamians built boats to use for trading in distant places and to collect food from the rivers. Modern Iraqi boats still are built very much like this Mesopotamian boat used 4,500 years ago.

If you can view QTVR, please examine our boat.


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