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Chariots, Sailboats, Cuneiform Writing


Chariots were one of the wheeled vehicles that the Mesopotamian people invented. Wheels helped transport them instead of walking everywhere. This was helpful, expecially in taking royal people different places. Since wheels roll they are easy to pull and so, the Mesopotamians decided to attach them to vehicles. And Voila! A wheeled vehicle like a chariot. The Mesopotamian people lived in the land of firsts. They invented many of the devices that aid us today in all that we do.


One of the ancient creations of Mesopotamia was the sailboat. Early sailboats probably weren't as complicated as modern sailboats, but the whole idea was a great step forward in history. The sailboats made it possible to trade with countries much further away. It also made possible the bringing of more fish which could be traded or eaten by the lucky fisherman. The sailboat is a very important invention of Mesopotamia.



The Sumerians invented their own form of writing. They called it cuneiform. This happened about 3000 B.C.This began in Sumer as a way of keeping business records. For example, a merchant might have to keep track of how much grain he was trading for lumber. Using cuneiform he would be able to keep good, accurate records of what he traded and how much he traded.
By pressing a stylus against the clay, they could make cuneiform. All early civilizations regarded writing as very magical. If one could write a name, then that person was thought to possess power over that person.


Little girl who sits in the ashes
Little girl with such a kind heart.
Your relatives forget you - all but your mom
Your relatives hate you - all but your mom
Alas! Oh Alas! Your mom has been cremated.
Pious that you are little girl
Though they throw you to the ashes
Your fairy comes to bless you.
Dance the night away.
Leave, but not forever, your prince will find you.
When the midnight hour strikes, the magic is undone
Your prince finds you home,
You become his bride.


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