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Sailboats, Wheels, Cuneiform Writing


Mesopotamia was a great civilization. A great civilization needs water and this was supplied by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The Mesopotamians wanted more out of the two rivers which resulted in irrigation and sailboats. With sailboats the Mesopotamians could put nets in the middle of the rivers or canals much more easily which would get more fish to add to a surplus of food being brought in by irrigation.


First Wheel

The Sumerians first invented the wheel. They connected it to vehicles called chariots. It got them to places they wanted to go quickly. It was one of the biggest achievements in history. Without the wheel we wouldn't be here today. We wouldn't have all the cities and towns without the wheel. That is why the wheel is so important.





Many people know of Egyptian hieroglyphs, but at the same time, Sumerians were making their own writing. It was made for taking account of what they bought or sold. It is called cuneiform which means wedge shaped. Scribes wrote in clay tablets using a pointed reed called a stylus. The Sumerians thought very highly of the Scribes because writing was considered magical.



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