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The Roman Gladiator
Because of the movie "Gladiator," CTCWeb's editors thought you might want to learn more about gladiators and gladiatorial combat. Here you will find historical information that we collected about the history, origins, and ... MORE

Le Gladiateur Romain...

Latin-to-English Dictionary
By William Whitaker. WORDS is an automated Latin dictionary. The dictionary provides definitions and morphologies (gender, case, tense, mood, etc.) for approximately 20,000 Latin words... MORE

Introduction to Greek Tragedy
By Prof. Roger Dunkle, Brooklyn College. As was noted in the discussion of the Iliad, the word "tragedy" refers primarily to tragic drama: a literary composition written to be performed by actors in which a central character called a tragic protagonist or hero suffers some serious misfortune...MORE

Oedipus the King
By Prof. Roger Dunkle, Brooklyn College. The setting of the Oedipus the King as in the case of most Greek tragedies, does not require a change of scene. Throughout the play the skene with at least one door represents the facade of the royal palace of Thebes...MORE

Interviews with CTCWeb Authors: In Personam
Ancient Culture: Roman Living, Troy, A Guided Tour of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Weddings, The Asclepion (ancient medicine), Virtual Ancient Museum, and more.
Ancient Sport & Games: Ancient Olympics, The Olympic Truce - Myth and Reality, The Roman Gladiator, Le Gladiateur, Roman Board Games, and more.
Ancient Greek Theater:
Connections betw. Theater & Religion, Sophocles' Oedipus, Aristophanes' Clouds, and more.
Tools & Software: Latin Dictionary, Etymology Dictionary, and more.

Homer's Iliad
By Prof. Roger Dunkle, Brooklyn College. Literary works are divided into various categories called genres in accordance with their characteristic form and content. The Iliad belongs to the genre of epic. An epic is a long poem which tells a story...MORE

Plato's Republic
By Prof. Roger Dunkle, Brooklyn College. After the death of Socrates, a number of his associates tried to re-create in a literary medium the philosophical conversations in which he had engaged with his followers. Their purpose was to give a more accurate picture of Socrates than that presented by his detractors...MORE

Vergil's Aeneid
By Prof. Roger Dunkle, Brooklyn College. Although the Aeneid shares many characteristics with the Homeric epic, as an epic it is different in important ways. For this reason, the Aeneid is referred to as a literary or secondary epic...MORE

In Personam

Words of the Week Pronunciation

Science & Technology

Galen & Circulation by by Matthew Megill, Dartmouth College

Manilius: Poetry & Science After Vergil by by Mary Pendergraft, Wake Forest University

The Asclepion by Prof. Nancy Demand, Indiana University

Ad Astra: Using Latin in a Cross-curricular Science Program by Nathalie R. Roy, Episcopal High School, Baton Rouge, LA

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Hollywood loves the Classics, and we love articles about movies about Classical subjects. CTCWeb invites you to submit your work about Classical subjects in modern films.